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Oil Analysis Equipment

Oil Analysis ( often called an oil testingoil analysis monitoring ). Oil sample testing technology is according to regularly monitor the lube oil or motor oil’s physical, and chemical performance, wear metal and contaminant particles.

Knowing the equipment lubricating, and wearing state to diagnose the abrasive wear type, position, and cause. Providing the scientific basis of equipment repair, and guiding company equipment state repair, and lubricating management, to prevent the industrial equipment major accident and decrease the repair cost.

Yateks oil analysis equipment ( oil pressure sensor and oil analysis ferrograph ) has a high quality and lower price, which helps our oil testing instrument used in engine oil analysis, lube oil analysis, motor oil test, oil sample analysis, engine oil testing.

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  • YJS-150 oil particle count meter adopting the light blockage method
  • On-site testing range: 1μm~400μm
  • High precision and repeatability


  • Dual slide analytical ferrograph equipment ensuring steady oil transmission.
  • Ferrography wears analysis with the reliable ferrographic image processing system.
  • Unique velocity adjusting device at oil outlet.

  • Analytical ferrography in wear debris analysis.
  • Microscopic Characterization of Particles by Analytical Ferrography.
  • Oil ferrography assists in the diagnosis of the origin.

  • Inline viscosity sensor can accurate measurements
  • Density measurement accuracy: 0.001g / cm3
  • YTS31 Online oil sensor with data refresh rate for only 1s

  • Oil condition monitoring sensor extremely sensitive to the various kinds of oil pollution.
  • Engine oil quality sensor capable of accurately measuring.
  • Real-time oil analysis 7*24 hours monitoring the equipment’s oil quality at any time.

  • Extremely sensitive to the various kinds of water pollution.
  • Free water and emulsified water of oil.
  • Various harsh operating conditions with resolution up to 10-15.

  • rapidly and continuously detecting the water activity in oil(aw).
  • Accurately measuring micro water content in oil(ppm).
  • Long and stable operating in harsh operating conditions.

  • Adopting the plate type oil sensor
  • Portable design and convenient operation
  • Available for on-site and field work

  • With a patent oil sensor and signal process wire
  • With word and image interface
  • With an on/off key and code knob

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