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Yateks Veterinary/Animal Endoscope

Yateks is the professional manufacturer of vet endoscope. Our veterinary endoscope can meet your requirements, specifically for most pet hospitals or clinics for physical examination of animals.

The veterinary endoscope is different from industrial endoscopes. The vet endoscope must have the function of inspection and the function of simple treatment. Our veterinary endoscope has an extensive range of uses. It can be used for laryngoscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, or cystoscope. The most important thing is that if we find a foreign body during the inspection, it can be removed. In this way, major surgical injuries are avoided. Here, we provide you with the most comprehensive introduction to the video endoscope. Various parameter data are displayed in front of you in great detail. Please read it carefully; if you have any questions, please consult us.

  • 180 degree two-way bending insertion tube
  • Full digital lossless video transmission technology
  • Multifunctional working channel ---negative pressure suction channel
  • One key exposure inhibition, one key white balance, RGB adjustment functions

What is the veterinary endoscope?

A veterinary endoscope is a tool for minimally invasive inspection of sick animals, such as pet dogs, pet cats and other animals. For example, in daily life, a pet dog accidentally swallowed a foreign body, not expressing itself.

A veterinary endoscope's working principle is to use a probe tube with a lens to go deep to the site to be inspected. The real-time images returned by the camera are used to discover the pathogenic factors. Anaesthetics can be used as assistance to prevent the animals from feeling uncomfortable and struggling during the examination of the animals. Only when animals are in a peaceful state can we find foreign objects.

What are the advantages of the vet endoscope lens?

The veterinary endoscope is one kind of video endoscope. It is used for the routine inspection of animal intestines. As we all know, when our animals have something wrong. We will bring it to the hospital. The veterinary endoscope is composed of three parts. These three parts are the pipe that penetrates the body, the handle and the display.

Yatai veterinary endoscope has many advantages. In image imaging technology, digital image high-definition imaging technology is adopted. Any small lesions can be detected in time. We designed a lens that can be rotated. In this way, in one inspection, you only need to turn the lens to view 360 degrees without leaving blind spots. There is also an exceptional design. The lens has a unique lamp whose brightness can be adjusted to adapt to different inspection environments. There is also a particular design, the temperature of the lens light will not be too high during the working process, and it works at low temperatures. This operation will not damage the body of the small animal.

Why do video endoscope for pets?

Pets are good friends of humankind. Many elderly and children like to keep pets. The veterinary endoscope is an essential means to ensure the health of pets. They are adorable and can bring us happiness. Pets staying with the elderly can also reduce the loneliness of the elderly. We need to pay attention to the situation that pets get sick quickly. Such as pet dogs and pet cats, like to eat food falling on the ground. The pet cat will also lick its fur, resulting in the accumulation of fur balls in the belly. They can also get sick if they eat unclean food. But pets can't talk. When they are uncomfortable, we can't find out in time. If the pet has not undergone a vet endoscope, the disease is getting more and more serious, and by the time we discover it, it is often too late.

So it is essential to check the video endoscope of pets. The veterinary endoscope will not cause harm to pets. At the pet hospital, we can do a video endoscope for our pets. Through the image, we can find the reason why the pet is sick. And during the veterinary endoscope, we can also take out foreign bodies in the intestines.

Checking up your pet with a video endoscope should be regular, not waiting for the pet to get sick while doing a veterinary endoscope. Do it once a year or once every two years to keep track of the health of the pet in time.

Can the video endoscope suck out the fluid in the abdomen of pets?

When we find that the pet is uncomfortable, we will take it to the hospital for examination, such as a video endoscope. At this time, the pet's illness is often more severe. For example, the pet has severe peritonitis. This disease is fatal to pets. If the pet has a lung disease that causes fluid accumulation in the abdomen, it is also powerful. In our impression, the veterinary endoscope can only be used for inspection, not for treatment. After we discover the problem through the lens, we need to retake treatment. But the video endoscope we developed solves this problem. Our video endoscope can not only check but also treat. When the pet's abdomen is found to have fluid during the inspection, our veterinary endoscope has a substantial therapeutic advantage. We designed a negative pressure suction technology for the veterinary endoscope. This technique uses the principle of negative pressure. This technique can suck out the fluid in the pet's abdominal cavity. This method does not require surgery and will not cause pain to the pet, a very user-friendly design.

How to ensure the clarity of the displayed image of the veterinary endoscope?

If the light source of the veterinary endoscope is bright, it will cause the image to be overexposed. How to solve this problem and make the image look clearer? We know that the light in the intestines is fragile, and the camera light is too bright or too weak will cause the image to be unclear. This problem can be solved by adjusting the exposure and exposure time.

Another problem is that affected by the colour temperature of the light source; the image will have chromatic aberration. To solve this problem, we set a critical white balance mode for the veterinary endoscope. Yates video endoscope can automatically detect the ambient light source and automatically adjust the chromatic aberration to make the transmitted image clearer.

In addition to the above functional design, we also set the RGB colour mode. Users can adjust the colour mode by themselves so that the internal foreign objects can be clearly presented. In this way, we can see what accident happened in the pet's body. We can take the correct treatment according to the symptoms when we have a problem through the video endoscope.

Is video endoscope safe for pets?

Before you perform a video endoscope on our pets, you are somewhat worried. For example, you worry about whether the pet will cooperate with the doctor's examination. Perhaps you will also consider whether the video endoscope will fail to detect abnormalities, which will result in a waste of money. The question that worries you the most is whether the video endoscope will cause additional damage to the pet, leading to aggravation of the disease.

We have considered all your concerns. When designing the video endoscope, these worrying issues are taken into consideration. The video endoscope we designed does our best to minimize the harm to pets.

We use the best materials for video endoscope tubes, which are safe and non-toxic. The pipe with the puppet goes deep into the pet's body. We designed different pipe diameters. Choose different diameters according to the size of your pet. For large pet dogs, use a video endoscope with a larger diameter, such as dogs. Like a small cat for a video endoscope, we will use a small diameter. The entire inspection process is speedy, and it does not take too much time to inspect. Because the longer the time, the less cooperating pets will be, and they may struggle. Once we have a problem with the video endoscope, we will immediately take treatment. If a foreign object is found, remove it immediately. If there is terrible tumour material, we can take a small piece for biopsy. The whole process is fast and accurate, minimizing the damage.
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Therefore, the health of pets becomes very important.
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Video endoscope will also be in greater demand.
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