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Material coding Material name Specification Length Stock quantity (main unit) Price 1110200034 Electronic \*\ optical signal sensor (A) Camera\3.9mm\Front view\100°\4000Lux\7-100mm\IP67\AV signal output 8mm 27 $370 1110200030 Electronic \*\ optical signal sensor (F) Camera\ 3.9mm \Front view\100°\ 7-100mm\IP67\USB output 8mm 36 $430 5010200052 Semi-finished products\other (B) Camera\5.5mm\Front view\100°\7-80mm\20000lux\IP67\LVDS output 12mm 5 $310 5010200347 Semi-finished products\other QBA1 [...]

  • Quick measurement 1-second measurement
  • Temperature mode 32℃~42.5℃
  • Advanced infrared temperature sensor, with high sensitivity

  • M-ADV Videoscope has 2.2mm, 2.8mm and 3.9mm forward view camera module
  • LED illumination way, brightness is up to 10000lux
  • The camera module head adopts 316 stainless material

  • UV borescope with the 365nm UV waveband
  • ultraviolet light power ≥80mW can achieve 10-meter.
  • Mechanical 360°articulation and weighs only 0.75kg.

  • Quick measurement 1-second measurement
  • automatic shutdown if no operation
  •  replaceable battery


  • B series automotive borescope with CE&RoHS
  • Optional diameter probe: 3.7mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm dual lens
  • Flexible and Rigid inspection camera


  • M-series industrial endoscope with ultra-portable design.
  • Articulating Videoscope has a mechanical rotation for 360º
  • Exchangeable tubes with the same base unit.

  • N-series Digital Borescope has the latest intelligent platform
  • Articulating borescope with rocker controlling system
  • Better light sensitive camera for the digital inspection camera

  • High-resolution videoscope with 1,000,000 pixels
  • Articulating borescope by electronic magnetic rocker
  • 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 6mm endoscope diameter probe, front, side LED, fiber+LED dual lens.

  • Night vision endoscope with the 6mm front camera.
  • Infrared borescope can achieve 10-meter/20-meter with invisible light.
  • IR endoscope whole body weighs only 0.6kg.