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  • rapidly and continuously detecting the water activity in oil(aw).
  • Accurately measuring micro water content in oil(ppm).
  • Long and stable operating in harsh operating conditions.

  • Analytical ferrography in wear debris analysis.
  • Microscopic Characterization of Particles by Analytical Ferrography.
  • Oil ferrography assists in the diagnosis of the origin.

· Ferrogram sheet, consumable for analytical ferrospectrometer

  • Frequency: 30Hz ~ 15KHz, Operating temperature -10 ~ +45 °C
  • The headphones are also equipped with a volume control
  • Earphone Leak Detector comes with high sensitive long short probe and an adjustable headset

  • Easy operate by using the touch screen
  • User-friendly, and anti-corrosion and anti-pollution coating design, easy for daily maintenance
  • Built-in software program can real-time analysis on test data