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  • Analytical ferrography in wear debris analysis.
  • Microscopic Characterization of Particles by Analytical Ferrography.
  • Oil ferrography assists in the diagnosis of the origin.

  • Inline viscosity sensor can accurate measurements
  • Density measurement accuracy: 0.001g / cm3
  • YTS31 Online oil sensor with data refresh rate for only 1s

  • Oil condition monitoring sensor extremely sensitive to the various kinds of oil pollution.
  • Engine oil quality sensor capable of accurately measuring.
  • Real-time oil analysis 7*24 hours monitoring the equipment’s oil quality at any time.

  • Extremely sensitive to the various kinds of water pollution.
  • Free water and emulsified water of oil.
  • Various harsh operating conditions with resolution up to 10-15.

  • rapidly and continuously detecting the water activity in oil(aw).
  • Accurately measuring micro water content in oil(ppm).
  • Long and stable operating in harsh operating conditions.

  • Adopting the plate type oil sensor
  • Portable design and convenient operation
  • Available for on-site and field work

· Ferrogram sheet, consumable for analytical ferrospectrometer