Established in 2003, Yateks is a world class supplier of industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. Yateks is committed to creating the first brand of the monitoring instrument and advanced technology in the world. With innovative engineering and the talented manufacturing staff, Yateks has earned a sterling reputation for numerous pioneer innovations, especially in industrial endoscope, borescope, oil analysis monitoring products. Yateks is honored to provide Full-direction Electromagnetic Endoscope, Infrared Anti-terrorist Endoscope, World-leading Analytical Ferrograph, On-line sensitive oil quality analyzer, Wear debris monitor and more products for you.

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P-series High-definition Video Endoscope

Yateks P-series High-definition Video Endoscope is a creative one composed of a flexible tube and a small-size body. Its CMOS image process system with the resolution of 1024×768 provides display. A component design with 8-inch ultra clear touch screen,24000LUX brightness, an electromagnetic rocker which can adjust omnidirectionally for 360°

  • M-series industrial endoscope with ultra-portable design.
  • With thumb, you can feel the slightest and precise control.
  • Exchangeable tubes with the same base unit.

  • The latest intelligent platform makes N series an economical type.
  • Auto or manual white balance, picture annotation.
  • Better light sensitive camera contributes greatly to N series.

  • Approved CE, RoHS, product quality stable and reliable
  • Optional diameter probe: 3.7mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm dual lens
  • Rotatable image with freeze and 4times magnification function

YJF-3 Thistle Tube Analytical Ferrography

YJF-3 Oil Analysis adopted thistle liquid lines for sample oil transfer. Diluted sample oil falling down through thistle under its own weight. Ferrography particles, which are extracted through strong magnetic separation technology will deposit orderly on a ferrogram.
By observing that ferrogram through a ferroscope Oil Analysis, we can get the basic information about where the wear part is.


  • Adopting the light blockage method theory
  • Testing range: 1μm~400μm
  • High precision and repeatability

  • Adopting the plate type oil sensor
  • Portable design and convenient operation
  • Solid anti-fall and beautiful design

  • With a patent oil sensor and signal process wire
  • With word and image interface
  • With an on/off key and code knob