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  • M-ADV Videoscope has 2.2mm, 2.8mm and 3.9mm forward view camera module
  • LED illumination way, brightness is up to 10000lux
  • The camera module head adopts 316 stainless material

  • 3D measurement system can accurately measure the size of defects
  • Automatic locking and precise positioning
  • 4-way 360° articulation with stepping function
  • Built-in four color modes

  • N-series Digital Borescope has the latest intelligent platform
  • Articulating borescope with rocker controlling system
  • Better light sensitive camera for the digital inspection camera


  • YJS-150 oil particle count meter adopting the light blockage method
  • On-site testing range: 1μm~400μm
  • High precision and repeatability

  • Adopting the plate type oil sensor
  • Portable design and convenient operation
  • Available for on-site and field work

  • Inline viscosity sensor can accurate measurements
  • Density measurement accuracy: 0.001g / cm3
  • YTS31 Online oil sensor with data refresh rate for only 1s

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