Welcome Mr. Tiong COO of Seacos Pte.Ltd and his party!

Author: Ella Van

Data: 2019/5/29

Welcome Mr. Tiong,COO of Seacos Pte.Ltd and his party vist yateks

Mr. Tiong, COO of Seacos Pte.Ltd and his party visited Yateks last week. Mr.TIong was quite interested in Yateks oil online monitoring sensor. During the visit, We discussed the oil on-line monitoring sensor, entire monitoring system, supporting software, as well as our professional service. In addition to products, we will provide application solutions and technical support for the application of oil online monitoring sensor in the days ahead.

Mr. Tiong,COO of Seacos Pte.Ltd
Seacos, located in Singapore, a company which specializes in offshore and maritime solutions, helping to bring smaller players to achieve greater productivity and performance. Through Seacos, Yateks oil’s online monitoring sensors will be used on ships in Singapore to monitor their oil conditions.

Oil condition sensors facilitate online monitoring of the oil condition in stationary and mobile applications


1.YTS-D-1 Online Oil Quality Sensor is an intelligent sensor specially designed for the online measurement of oil quality change. It can real-time, online and continuously monitor the oil quality indicators.
2.TS-M-1 Oil Micro-moisture Sensor, Online micro bit moisture oil sensor is a power transformer and reactor are the valuable assets of the power industry. Real-time monitoring of the micro-moisture of insulating oil plays a crucial role in the running of these valuable assets. Because of the existence of moisture will lower the breakdown voltage of insulating oil, increase the dielectric loss and accelerate the degradation of polymer insulation aging. These will reduce the performance of the insulation system and even cause insulation breakdown and partial discharge, which will seriously affect the safe operation of the power system.
3.YTS-W-1 Moisture in Oil Sensor is an intelligent sensor specially designed for the online measurement of oil moisture content
4.YTS31 Inline Oil Viscosity and Density Sensor, this inline viscosity sensor apply the world advanced piezoelectric resonant MEMS components. With the internal integration of high-precision signal sampling and processing unit as well as the advanced algorithm, the oil viscosity sensor can automatically provide real-time fluid density, viscosity, and temperature data.

YFJ-4 on-line particle counter sensor

YFJ-4 on-line particle counter sensor is developed based on the light blockage method (photoresistance method) principle, which is used for on-line real-time monitoring of particle pollution in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system.

Welcomed Online oil monitoring system:

Data collection

Data collection

Display terminal interface instrument board for online sensors

Anti-bubble layout inside the system

Anti-bubble layout inside the system

link: YJS-150 oil particle counter

YJS-150 Portable Oil Particle Counter


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