What is Automotive Borescope and How To Use Engine Borescope?

Automotive endoscope function and engine endoscope test program

What is an automotive endoscope or what is a borescope camera ?

The car endoscope is an industrial endoscope. We can also call it an engine borescope inspection or an automotive inspection camera. There is an engine camera scope in the endoscope, and the range of the engine camera is enormous. One type of automotive endoscope is an engine endoscope. Engine endoscopes play a vital role in the field of automobile maintenance.

What is the function of the engine endoscope?

In short, an automotive borescope is an automatic inspection camera that can detect and view the internal parts of a car. Generally speaking, many auto repair shops and 4S shops now use auto borescopes for inspection. Some of the most remote parts of the car are difficult to observe with the naked eye during maintenance. Moreover, the scope of inspection of automotive borescopes is vast. Therefore, it is necessary to use a car engine endoscope to monitor the interior of the car. Using automatic borescope inspection, we can find problems in the vehicle, such as carbon deposits in the engine and the dirty casing of the air conditioner. Engine borescopes can  use for inspection and maintenance. And There is an engine camera scope. You can use the engine camera to illuminate to observe. So what is a borescope camera?汽车内窥镜在汽车上的使用8

Automotive endoscopes are specially designed for the automotive manufacturing and maintenance industries. It is also called an automotive borescope. And what is a borescope camera? Automobile borescope inspection cameras are mainly used to detect and diagnose common problems in automobiles. The engine endoscope can detect wear, carbon deposits, car engine, and cylinder blockage. Car endoscopes can also see fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, delivery systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, gearboxes, etc. The range of automotive cameras dramatically reduces maintenance time and costs. Engine borescope inspection also avoids damage caused by multiple disassembly and assembly of the machine. Engine borescopes or automotive borescopes have also greatly demonstrated their positive effects on the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines.


Automotive endoscope test procedure

1. Before using automotive endoscopes, we need to understand the internal structure of the car. The first step is to check the specific content and location with the help of the engine borescope. We can expand the related link meters and check the power supply according to the procedure of the car borescope.
2. The engine borescope can choose the appropriate probe of the automobile borescope to enter the vehicle’s internal components to be tested. Before testing, you should be clear about obstacles in the channel, burrs, and other objects that may obstruct and inspect the probe.
In the process of borescope inspection, care should be taken to ensure that the probe of the automotive borescope reaches the designated position stably. If the search encounters significant resistance during advancing, it should stop advancing immediately. It should be slow when the probe is present. If it is stuck, do not pull it forcefully to avoid damaging the workpiece or probe.
The captured images can be photographed and recorded during the detection process to facilitate subsequent processing and analysis.
After the test is completed, the probe of the automotive borescope should be cleaned, and the instrument site should be cleaned as required.


Yateks articulating automotive endoscopes and engine endoscopes’s functions

1. Simple, flexible and compact, the engine endoscope is convenient to carry. The tubes for automotive endoscope borescope inspection are soft and small. In particular, the tubes for the engine borescope inspection are very flexible. Therefore, the camera of automobile engine borescope inspection can reach any hidden parts that need to be inspected.
2. The automotive borescope inspection is intuitive and accurate, easy to implement, and has a wide automotive camera scope. Engine borescope inspection can find damage to internal parts as early as possible. Engine borescope inspection greatly facilitated the elimination of potential safety hazards during the germination stage. The operation of the scope of borescope inspection is very simple. You don’t have to worry about how to use the engine borescope to check the scope.
3. The compactness, portability and mobility of automotive endoscopes can reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency.
4. The range of on-board camera is adopted, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and avoids damage caused by multiple disassembly and assembly of machine parts.
Use of vehicle endoscope

Automobile endoscopes are mainly used for inspection of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, precision machining, petrochemical, military manufacturing, small holes in small equipment, internal conditions of small gaps, wear and looseness of mechanical gear parts and quality inspection of grease pumps.


Application of Industrial Endoscope in Automobile Inspection and Repair

Industrial endoscopes, including automotive borescopes, are new high-tech products designed and produced according to the inspection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipes in the petrochemical, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic industries, and aerospace. Engine borescope inspection is also widely used in automobile production and maintenance industries.
In the cleaning and maintenance of automotive engines endoscopes or automotive endoscopes are also very good helpers. The diagnosis of valve carbon deposits has always been a problem in the automotive maintenance industry. Generally speaking, professional repair shops have two diagnostic methods.

1. Traditional disassembly method

What would happen if the automotive borescope inspection camera was not used to inspect the engine. In other words, disassemble the engine and check for carbon deposits. This is intuitive, but it is time-consuming and laborious, and whenever any components are removed, the automotive borescope will more or less affect its performance, thereby shortening its service life.

2. Automotive endoscope inspection

Remove the spark plug or fuel injector, and use a borescope to check the degree of carbon deposits on the valve. The main feature of automobile borescope inspection is that in the working state of the engine, the formation and combustion process of the mixture in the combustion chamber, as well as the working state of the cylinder, valve and piston crown at high temperature can be observed, and the above image is taken by a high-speed camera. Recognition of the crank angle. write it down. At the same time, the automotive borescope can be connected to a computer, and can be called, slow-released, partially magnified and explained at a certain time through the corresponding image processing software. This visualization technology is not only a good assistant for automobile design and development, but also a tool for automobile technical training and teaching.
Articulating engine borescope inspection has been widely recognized by users in the auto repair industry, and its simple and flexible operation is an indispensable test and diagnostic tool in the auto repair industry.
Yateks optoelectronic industrial endoscopes or automotive borescopes integrate light, electricity and images. The N series video industrial endoscope is equipped with high-resolution color images, which can make the images clearer, so that the operator can use the high-definition color images to observe suspicious points and malfunctions. The part uses a unique image software processing system for freezing, magnification and analysis, which greatly improves the accuracy of determining the location of the car’s fault.

3. Engine endoscope can check piston and spark plug carbon

The carbon deposition inspection can be judged by “decomposition”, that is, disassembling the automotive engine or observing the changes in the feedback voltage, but these two methods have higher professional requirements. Use automobile endoscope or engine borescope to inspect automobile engine, you can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder through the spark plug hole or spray nozzle. You can also adjust the automotive camera scope.



4. The inner wall of the exhaust pipe of the automotive endoscope

Check the actual condition of the exhaust pipe, you can find a small welded hole on the wall of the exhaust pipe.

5. Use engine endoscopes for auto parts testing

Obviously, there is a small welding hole on the exhaust pipe on the mirror wall of the car pipe.
Automotive borescopes check whether there are cracks, pigmentation, etc. inside the car parts. The test hole is bent. The minimum diameter is 4MM, which cannot be directly observed.


6. Automotive endoscope is used for car casting inspection

In the inspection of automobile castings, it is mainly to check the impurities and trachoma inside the product.


7. Engine cylinder


8. Detection of engine exhaust catalytic converter

Figure 6 is the Yatai Optoelectronics HIE HD video endoscope or automotive endoscope called Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center, used to detect exhaust catalytic converters

9. Cylinder head inspection

The foundry inspects the cylinder head of the cylinder for internal defect detection to determine whether it is qualified.


In addition, automotive endoscopes can also be used for gearbox inspection, water tank, fuel tank inspection, fuel injection hole inspection, etc.
Therefore, the automotive endoscope is not only a manual tool for car owners to understand the condition of the car, but also a new generation of maintenance tool used for non-destructive inspection of the vehicle in the field of vehicle maintenance.

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