World’s Smallest endoscope camera with 2.2mm/ 2.8mm of Articulating Borescope

The lens of Articulating borescope plays an important role in testing. It can intuitive observe the internal defects of the machinery. the staff can timely solve the problem, to ensure the continuous operation of the machinery, efficient production.

The smallest endoscope camera is necessary for Nondestructive testing (NDT). The holes in some parts of the aircraft and the automotive are extremely small. It can only be tested with this very smallest diameter.

Yateks smallest diameter endoscope camera is only 2.2mm, and the application technology is mature.



World’s Smallest borescope camera with 2.2mm of Yateks M-ADV series

World's Smallest endoscope camera with 2.2mm 7

World's Smallest endoscope camera with 2.2mm 5


There are the key parameters of the industrial endoscope in non-destructive testing.

1. Lens image quality

The imaging quality is the technical point of the video endoscope. Whether the imaging is clear, whether the color reproduction degree is truly restored, and the size of the image is directly affected by the detection efficiency.

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2.Borescope probe diameter

The diameter of the probe is determined by the diameter of the object to be inserted into the hole to determine the diameter of the endoscope. The direct standard 2.8mm endoscope camera,3.9mm borescope, and 6mm flexible inspection camera on the market are more common if you are special hole contact related technology customization.

3. Borescope probe curvature

In the detection, the bending of the probe is indispensable, and the angle of bending also affects the detection efficiency. If the curvature is not up to the requirement, the detection dead zone may occur, thereby causing unnecessary accidents.

4. Lens angle of view

The lens angle generally depends on the way the object is detected. The full inspection will be equipped with at least two lenses, direct view, side view, and different angles of view by selecting different lenses to achieve better image resolution and magnification.

specification of borescope lens

5. Probe length

Standard 1m-8m, generally used for Articulating Borescope, special length up to 50 meters long, but this length affects the bending angle.

World’s Smallest endoscope camera with 2.2mm, 2.8mm of Articulating Borescope Recommend

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