What is a Good Face Shield?

Date: 2020-5-15

Affected by Covid-19, face mask becomes a daily consumption for everyone. It helps a lot in preventing cross infection and keeping people safe from each other. In many countries, it’s still very dangerous outside, but people sometimes have to go out to buy some necessities or shopping. There are too many people in public places. Face mask is not enough. What would be another better choice to make us more safe in public? Face Shield.

Face shield was originally designed for doctors, which has played a very important role in keeping them safe enough and fighting against Coronavirus. Later, face shield becomes popular among ordinary people because of its excellent protection combined with face masks in places of large population flow. What is a good face shield? How can we choose? You can try wearing and evaluate its quality mainly in three aspects.

First, wide view and clear. Only highly transparent PP material with wider size can do.


Second, anti-fogging. This is really important, especially for those wearing glasses. Double-faced anti-fogging can effectively prevent the blurred vision caused by temperature difference or vapor.


Third, comfortable wearing, no pressure. The sponge to head should be skin-friendly and allergic free and the weight should be as light as possible(30g).

Any other aspects that you think important for choosing a good face shield? You’re welcomed to delivery your comments. Anyone or any families can prepare some face shields for use if having to go to public places. This will make you safe and protect your cared ones safe enough.

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