Why Yateks YT-003 Forehead Thermometer the Best Seller?

Author: Jenna

Date: 2020/04/10

Very depressing news that the confirmed infected number of COVID-2019 is increasing every day over the world. Behind each increase of number, it’s a life in danger and a family in worries. To help to fight against the Coronavirus, Yateks joined the team of supplying Forehead Thermometers based on key component supply and accumulated technology on IR. With this mission, what we offer to our partners are ones of good quality at reasonable price, because we hope that we can really be helpful to those in need of thermometer for fever.

Among all available certificated forehead thermometers on market, our YT-003 is more well-received by customers and becomes the best seller. Why? Let’s see below technical specifications first and analyze its highlights.

Why Yateks YT-003 Forehead Thermometer the Best Seller1

During body temperature range(35 ℃~42 ℃), the accuracy is ±0.2℃, which has reached the accuracy criterion for medical use. The optimized procedure makes the sensor more focused in this range so that it can better serve for human body temperature inspection.

Why Yateks YT-003 Forehead Thermometer the Best Seller2

Backlit function enables the testing result visible in the dark or in the sun, which is more convenient for the users in different measuring environment. Recommended measure site is for your better measurement judgement of different body parts.

Why Yateks YT-003 Forehead Thermometer the Best Seller3

DC9V battery has a larger capacity than an ordinary AAA battery, and has more accurate and longer battery life.

Why Yateks YT-003 Forehead Thermometer the Best Seller4

Several features are enough to make our YT-003 Forehead Thermometers outstanding, accurate, easy-to-use and worthwhile for customers to use and try. If any interest in our IR thermometers, please feel free to contact us at info@yateks.com!

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