How to Find a Suitable Face shield?

Author: Nancy Dong

Date: 2020/5/18

According to new study by MIT, we understand a sneeze can travel far to 20 feet, this thanks to a previously undetected gas bubble known as a multiphase turbulent buoyant bubble. They found out that the average sneeze or cough can send around 100,000 contagious bugs into the air at speeds up to 100 miles/hr.

So take your personal protection equipment to the next level with the full production face shild and put a physical barrier between you and others.

How to find a suitable face shield?

Firstly, you should consider the Anti-Fog problem. The direct splash protection shield should comes with an anti-fog on both inside and out side of shield providing clear, direct and peripheral visioin in al weather conditions. You can do a simple test with a cup of hot water like below images.

Besides, you need to consider the size of protection.

The full-face design is necessary which could provide complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact with eyes, face and mouth. This keeps a physical barrier completely.

Lastly, you need to consider the adjustable head strap and comfortable.

The elastic headband allow for a custom fit different size of the head and face, suitable for both Kids and Adults freely. It must feel comfortable.

Yateks Face shield already considered all of these factors for you.

protect your full face

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One thought on “How to Find a Suitable Face shield?

  1. Victoria Addington says:

    Thanks for helping me find a suitable face shield for me and my family. Given the effects of this pandemic on people, I am worried about my vulnerability to the disease when I consider buying groceries and other necessities. With that said, I must then follow your advice to consider the Anti-Fog properties of it as well as making sure that the adjustable head strap is comfortable to use. Hopefully, I can find face shields for sale online.

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