220th Anniversary since Scientists Discovered Infrared


In 1800, British scientist Willian Herschel (1738-1822) discovered infrared and infrared energy, so far 220th anniversary. He used a prism to separate the sun’s light, put a thermometer on various color bands, and tried to measure the heating effect of various colors of light. It is found that the thermometer on the infrared side has the fastest temperature rise.

For this reason, he concluded that in the solar spectrum, there must be invisible light outside the red light, which is infrared, with a wavelength range of 0.75-1000um the object above absolute zero radiates infrared energy, which is related to the temperature of the object.

According to this principle, people make infrared thermometers or thermal imagers. Due to the development of sensor technology, its measurement accuracy can reach 0.1 ℃, and its response time is less than 1 s. It has good linearity after being calibrated by blackbody. The infrared thermometer is used to measure the human body temperature, the measuring distance is 3-10cm, does not touch the skin, avoids the risk of infection, and is conducive to the rapid screening of fever personnel. Infrared thermometer is also widely used for temperature detection of electrical contact points and high-voltage power transmission and transformation. The temperature measurement and control of rolling line in iron and steel plant can detect the temperature of 3000 ℃.

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