To Yateks Partners:

Since its establishment in 2014, Yateks foreign trade department has received strong support from partners around the world. From the exchange of technology to the integration of culture, Yateks has always grown and progressed with you.


In the past six years, with our joint efforts, Yateks’ industrial videoscope has taken a place in the international market, online oil sensor has served all kinds of industrials. We really feel that all efforts have turned into a force, warm and powerful.


At the beginning of spring 2020, this sudden epidemic affects Wuhan, China. In tough times, our partners send encouragement and greetings through email, information and other ways, and provide material assistance. The Asia Pacific and international partners really feel like one family. A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.


With the great expectation of customers, Yateks employees orderly organize resumption of work and production. At present, our office area and production line have been fully restored, and the production of Yateks Industrial Park will provide an efficient and stable guarantee for our production.


In 2020, we will not be afraid of difficulties and make great efforts to move forward. Yateks will use its own practical actions, as always, to provide our partners with the best service, the best products!


When we overcome the epidemic, people return to a warm life and busywork. At that time, the sun shines into every corner, the flower blooms everywhere, we come together and embrace together!

Shenzhen Yateks Co., Ltd

General manager

March 27, 2020

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