What Makes M-ADV Series(Type A) Borescope So Well-received?

Author: Jenna

Date: 2020/3/30


Since the release in 2017, Yateks M Series portable borescope has been physically used in different applications and well-received by numerous customers. Over the past years, we have improved our M Series in several different details to make it better in bending section, joystick and power saving etc. All such progress makes Yateks M Series a better and better product.


However, Yateks never stops. We keep considering offering much better products to our customers at reasonable price. With the efforts of Yateks strong R&D team, we realized this aim. After a long term of repeated“trial, feedback, modifications”, we finally get this upgraded M Series. It looks the same as M Series but very different, which we call “M-ADV Series”! M-ADV Series has been another loved product by customers since it’s available on market. What makes it so well-received?


The first highlight is its better performance display screen: higher resolution, IPS material, better color rendition, better sunlight readability. This makes the displayed image more clear with true color.

What Makes M-ADV Series(Type A) Borescope So Well-received1

The second outstanding feature is its unique feature of exposure value adjustment. Most inspected objects are light-reflective. By adjusting the exposure to lower level, it can help to restrain the light to a proper level for the best inspection.

What Makes M-ADV Series(Type A) Borescope So Well-received2

The third excellence is its user-friendly UI. All icons in the left which can be scrolled up/down for different functions. Compared to previous M Series, this makes it more intuitive, especially for some frequently used functions.

What Makes M-ADV Series(Type A) Borescope So Well-received3

Some other features making it outstanding, such as color setting, HDMI interface for external monitor, easier software update way etc.


We are Yateks, a leading manufacturer specializing in borescopes for over one decade!

To know more magics of our advanced M-ADV Series borescope, please feel free to contact us and get hands on the unit to unlock more features!

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