N Series Digital Endoscope of Yateks is roaring across the horizon

Release Date: 2016-01-19

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A new model of N series video borescope is approaching the door of the market. This item is economical and practical. It is with a slight body of 1kg in total with 450,000 pixels. Beyond the normal functions, it also has zoom in/out, recording, fine adjustment functions. It will be a shocked bomb in the field of endoscope!


It an innovation and progress on the basis of Yateks’ “Plus” series. And Yateks RD is also dealing with more and better models. Yateks will bring them in front of customers soon.

Besides outstanding endoscopes, Yateks also produces splendid oil products like oil analyzer, Ferrous Debris Monitor and excellent vibration products as vibration tester, Electronic Stethoscope, Bearing condition tester, tachometer etc.

Digital N industrial endoscope is based on normal N series, adopted the latest digital platform and high brightness sensitive modules, which makes color settings, white balance and picture annotations available.




1.Intelligent image processing system to show a very clean image.


2. Color settings to meet different applications.


3. Step by step rocker controlling system makes precise camera location.


4. Flexible control electromagnetic rocker control structure, probe bends arbitrarily for 360°.


5. Customized settings, more user-friendly.


6. Interchangeable lens to meet various applications.


7. 1mm. 2mm. 4mm three types of rules to do the basic measurement.


8. Crack detection (the left is a conventional effect, the right is the reverse color display effect).

conventional-effect reverse-color-display-effect


Yateks N-series Industrial Borescope

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