3D Measurement Industrial Endoscope

With the rapid growth of Industrial economy, more and more fields have begun to pay more attention to quality or quality control, and the level of industrial manufacturing improved continuously. There are more and more products with complex curved surfaces and these curved surfaces must be measured in 3D accurately. With the development of Endoscope technology, the observation function of Endoscope can’t meet the demands of modern non-destructive testing. The normal Endoscope can only let the inspector know the approximate position of the cracks and gaps on the part, but cannot obtain accurate 3D information such as crack depth. It is difficult to find the exact position and size of the exact gap and crack, so the related research of industrial video endoscope 3D measurement technology has gradually developed. With the development of domestic industry, the market demand for 3D measurement Endoscopic inspection instruments is increasing. 3D measurement Endoscopic inspection instruments have become an indispensable industry for industrial inspection development.

P series 3D measurement industrial video endoscope

Yateks 3D measurement industrial Endoscope combines 3D measurement technology with Endoscope technology perfectly. It is a portable, multi-functional integrated device that integrates all the functions of current cutting-edge endoscopes. Including 3D measurement, unique handle, arbitrary bending tube, data collection and access, brightness adjustment, etc. Meet all demands of maintenance personnel to work in limited space and harsh environments ideally. The integration of multiple functions makes the cost of maintenance equipment greatly reduced, and the depth, area, length and other parameters of the crack can be analyzed on one platform. Make the analysis results more effective and accurate, easier to find out the cause of the failure, and bring great convenience to the technicians.

3D measurement industrial endoscope

Yateks always attached importance to consumer demands and focused on solving consumer’s difficulty with the spirit of craftsmanship. We officially launched the “3D measurement Endoscope” research and development project since 2018. With countless tests and improvements in past two years, and comprehensive technological innovation, this “all-expected” new Endoscope product is finally ready to meet you, Yateks “3D measurement Endoscope” series will come with HD images, 360-degree 4 way articulation, 2D positioning, anti-over-explosion technology, 3D cloud image measurement technology, intelligent operating system, super light and other functions. The project has passed all the test and will be mass-produced soon.

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