Yateks 3-dimensional measurement video endoscope

Michiko 10/9/2020


With the urgent demand for 3-dimensional measurement endoscope in the market, Yateks 3-dimensional measurement endoscope finally released.


Yateks 3-dimensional measurement endoscope uses the principle of binocular measurement, commonly known as the similar triangle principle.


Yateks 3-dimensional measurement endoscope with three-dimensional lens, using point to point, point to line, point to surface, triangular area and other measurement methods, when the probe in a narrow gap can be photographed to measure the size of the measured object, measurement accuracy of up to 95%! Directly judge repair, disassembly, replacement, retention and other operations based on data.


yateks 3D measurment endocope


The current version that has come out looks like the following:

We make it with P series borescopes.


Yateks P series 3D measurement endoscope

As an industrial endoscope manufacturer, we can do 3D measurements with different models of endoscopes that we have for customization.


If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact at: info@yateks.com.

We will recommend the most suitable products for you.


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