3D Measurement Endoscope

Mabel 2020/9/21

3D measurement function endoscopes have always been a very hot topic in the field of industrial endoscopes. If any manufacturer’s endoscope has a measurement function, needless to say, this manufacturer must be very powerful. Mainly because several representative companies have their own unique 3D measurement technology, such as 3D Phase from GE, Stereo Measurement from Olympus and others, MP Laser from KARL STORZ. Shenzhen Yateks breaks the traditional method and adopts binocular measurement, similar triangle principle creates an economical three-dimensional measurement endoscope. The endoscope contains two CMOS cameras and four optical fibers for illumination, which can effectively measure and reconstruct the real scene. Based on the Yateks P series monitor, a 3D measurement probe is added. Economical and affordable, it can be used as an ordinary endoscope for inspection and can also achieve measurement functions.

P series 3D measurement industrial video endoscope

Yateks P series high-end industrial endoscopes are independently developed from front-end design to production and processing. The assembly process is simple, which greatly meets the convenience of maintenance. At the same time, the compatibility of the platform is extremely strong, which can match the smart platform and touch screen. Both automatic and manual calibration can be satisfied. The excellent 3D measurement system for depth, length, area, and point-to-point, point-to-line, point-to-surface, guarantees measuring accuracy in any starting position of the endoscope as well as on any surface.

yateks 3D endoscope image

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