What makes Integrated Online Oil Monitoring System outstanding?

Author: Jenna

Date: 2019/12/27

Yateks is a world-class supplier of oil testing instruments and oil monitoring sensors. We have off-line instruments for lab and on-site use, including Ferrous Debris Monitor, Ferrograph maker, oil Particle counter sensor , Kinematic Viscometer etc. And our online monitoring sensors are also available, for testing oil quality sensor , moisture, micro-moisture, viscosity, density, temperature etc.

What makes Integrated Online Oil Monitoring System outstanding

Single sensors are usually matched to an integrated display screen to show tested data and trigger alarms if the data is beyond the set threshold. However, with more market practice, we found the idea of “being integrated” is very necessary while offering solutions for our customers. Under engineers’ efforts, we have offered lots of integrated solutions to satisfy our customers’ demands.

What makes the integrated online oil monitoring system outstanding? Firstly, monitoring data in real time with the alarm function can greatly reduce the time cost of noticing and finding out the position of faults, and help to avoid the maintenance cost if the user notices the problem too late. Secondly, integrated industrial box includes all components(sensors, powers, wires, pumps, pressure reducer, etc.) to avoid the bad environment’s damage so that the service life of sensors can be extended. Thirdly, such industrial box can be easier for distributors to introduce and offer to their end-users than single sensors, because it’s a complete online monitoring solution which has better adaptability for different applications. In a word, the integrated online monitoring system is well-designed from all aspects and it’s most suitable for those users who don’t have the ability to do second development or match.

What makes Integrated Online Oil Monitoring System outstanding2

You’re always welcomed to contact us for more information about this great online monitoring system for your oil monitoring or equipment monitoring.

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