Don’t forget to do Oil analysis regularly

Author: Michiko

Date: 2019/12/27

Oil analysis plays a critical role in the operations of almost every industry. Usually, problems can not be found until the machine fails. Knowing what is going on inside the machine can awaken companies to realize problems and take proactive steps to maintaining their assets.

Please keep in mind: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Oil analysis is one of the best ways to find the health of your industrial machines. By measuring with the physical property(such as the moisture, density, viscosity, dielectric constant, water activity, temperature and particle counters) of the lubrication. it can determine if a failure is going to occur. Oil analysis can give you an indicator of up to 12 months prior to a failure, depending on the failure mode. Selecting the right testing method for different application will ensure that the information you get is useful. It can also give a good indicator of lubrication life.

Yateks has a professional R&D team. We can give technical advice once there is a problems about your industrial machine.

Our products varies from lab equipment, portable instruments to online condition monitoring system.

If you have any ideas, welcome to communicate with us, we will help to solve your problems all the time.

Don’t forget to do Oil analysis regularly1

Don’t forget to do Oil analysis regularly2

Don’t forget to do Oil analysis regularly3

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