What are the benefits of articulating borescope in detecting ship engines?

Ship inspection mainly includes hull inspection and engine inspection, etc., with the help of corresponding inspection tools to achieve the purpose of inspection. As an important non-destructive testing tool, articulating borescopes are widely used in ship testing and other fields. Here is an example of a ship engine to specifically introduce the working principle and advantages of articulating borescope:

Ship engines are not only complicated in structure, but also have to withstand extremely high stresses. The ship runs at high speed for a long time, frequently runs at variable load, and at the same time bears the high temperature stress generated by the high temperature gas. Therefore, the engine is likely to have foreign object damage, corrosion, vulcanization, thermal degradation, cracks (stripe) and deformation under high-speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure conditions, which may cause hidden dangers to the safety of engine operation.

Yateks articulating borescope is  an important ship inspection tool. It can inspect in high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places that cannot be directly observed by the human eye.

What are the benefits of articulating borescope in detecting ship engines?

(1) save the cost of inspection and maintenance.

Since many engine failures, hidden troubles ,or defects are mostly located in inaccessible places inside the engine, it often takes a lot of time to disassemble the bulky and complex engine to inspect and repair its interior, which brings about inspection and maintenance. It was extremely difficult. The use of yateks industrial endoscope system for inspection can effectively increase the reliability of ship engine systems, prevent (or reduce) the possibility of accidents in a timely manner, and promote the safe operation of equipment.

(2) Improve the ship’s on-going rate and work efficiency

Due to the application of the borescope system, the inspection and maintenance time of the engine is greatly saved, the downtime of the inspection and maintenance is reduced, and the detection conditions of the marine engine failure and the hidden trouble of the failure are improved to a certain extent. Timely and accurately judge the fault and quickly restore the technical state of the equipment, which provides a reliable guarantee for improving the ship’s voyage rate and the use efficiency of the ship’s engine.

(3) Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of detection and diagnosis.

How does a borescope use for aeroengine maintenance

Since the yateks articulating borescope can be inserted into a very small hole, other parts cannot be seen directly by the naked eye. With its help, the specific shape of the inspection site can be observed quickly and clearly, and image data can be photographed and stored, which improves a strong technical guarantee for engine failure detection.

yateks articulating endoscope is an important tool for ship inspection. It saves the cost of inspection and maintenance and improves the efficiency of diagnosis. It is also an inevitable demand for ship inspection specialization, process and technology.

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