Principle and advantages of oil quality sensor

1.Yateks oil quality sensor

YTS-D-1 is an intelligent sensor for online measurement of changes in oil quality. Its unique measurement technology is extremely sensitive to changes in oil quality. It can continuously monitor the quality indicators of oil products online in real time. it provide 360°comprehensive coverage of oil. The real-time online monitoring provides reliable and powerful guarantee for the continuous and reliable operation of valuable equipment.

2.Principle of detection:

According to the characteristics of the oil dielectric constant changing with the change of its moisture content, wear particles and acid value, the capacitance sensor is use to monitor the change of its dielectric constant in real time, so as to analyze the moisture content, wear particles and acid in the oil Value changes. The obvious advantage of the dielectric constant monitoring subsystem is that it can monitor the comprehensive performance of the oil and grasp the aging and pollution of the oil as a whole.

3.Advantages of oil quality sensor:

(1)The history is long enough

The proven technology of the oil sensor has provided customers with value for more than 10 years.

(2)Extremely sensitive

It is more than 60 times more sensitive to oil pollution than other sensor technologies, providing you with the most accurate and detailed real-time data

(3)Sturdy and reliable

Design and manufacture to withstand the harshest industrial environment. Resistant to shock, high temperature, shock and vibration.

(4)Independent testing

Independent institutions conduct rigorous testing to verify the excellent performance of various applications.

(5)Fully certified

The standard for working in most commercial and industrial environments.

4.Application occasions

◎Fuel storage and transportation links

◎Refining, petroleum industry

◎Wind power, thermal power and other power generation industries ◎Aviation, navigation, railway and other transportation

◎Ocean engineering such as drilling platform

◎Large construction machinery and equipment transportation vehicles

◎Sea water treatment and testing equipment

◎Chemical experiment analysis

◎Quality management of production process

◎Oil treatment equipment and filtration system

◎Coating, ink and printing industry

◎Medical equipment

application of online oil monitoring system


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