Portable Borescope for Police and Security Inspection

What are borescopes for police and security inspection?

The endoscope, as its name shows, is a type of instrument to “see inside the narrow space”. There are various types of endoscopes on market for different uses. Commonly, there are medical endoscopes used in the medical industry for checking the human body. veterinary endoscopes used for checking animals to offer treatment. industrial endoscopes used in the machinery industry field for checking the defects or failures. In different examinations, these endoscopes play an important role. Help humans improve work efficiency.

However, different industries have different needs and requirements for endoscopes. These endoscopes all have a main body and an insertion tube, but they use totally different materials, cameras, light sources and operating ways etc. Based on industry endoscopes, there develops a type of endoscopes specially designed for police and security inspection. For this special industry, endoscopes not only need visible light source to do usual security check, but also need invisible light source to do special inspections. A police endoscope refers to specialized endoscope integrating far focus camera, dual light source, a portable body and so on. It applies lots of subjects such as traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, software etc.

What features do police borescope usually have?

  1. Portable body. When carrying out security tasks, the security personnel usually takes not only one tool. Together with all other tools, the police endoscope should be lightweight and portable enough to be easy to carry anywhere.
  2. Excellent durability. In actual operation, no one can predict how harsh the environment is. Will there be rain or high temperature? Will it be necessary to carry it to climb a ladder or anywhere high? So, in this type of environment, borescopes should be strong and durable.
  3. Dual light source. Different from usual endoscopes. the police endoscopes usually need a dual light source integrated into one probe. The visible light source is for checking use in a safe environment. the invisible light source is for use in some dangerous or strange environment. With the invisible light, it can best ensure the safety of law-enforcement personnel.
  4. Powerful light to reach a long distance. While using the invisible light to do inspections in a dangerous environment. the personnel is usually unable to be close to the target or target area. In this case, it requires that the camera and invisible light best combine. to “see” as far as it can, and the viewing area should also be wide enough. so the target can be easily found during the screening of the darkroom.

What role does a police endoscope play?

Police endoscopes are mainly used for observation of parts that are invisible or hard to reach by the human eye. The endoscope can be inspected without disassembling or destroying objects. It can be used for monitoring and observation of customs, public security, border defense, prisons, courts, airports, factories, ports, stadiums, exhibition halls, post-earthquake rescue, security agencies, and criminal activities. It allows police officers to observe and inspect the internal conditions of suspicious targets from a safe distance while ensuring a high degree of concealment. It provides great convenience.

How to select a qualified borescope for police use?

The current commercial society is a world of networking. There are lots of options on the market which can be easily searched. After getting some basic information, the most key points to compare are those features mentioned above. A good police endoscope must not only have a lightweight body. It needs a powerful camera and an invisible camera to achieve wide and long-distance inspections. It must also have excellent durability to cope with different harsh inspection environments.

Besides the product feature itself, it’s also vital to check the qualification and ability of the endoscope manufacturer. The order from police is usually big ones . It require the manufacturers strong ability to offer . not only excellent sample units but also same excellent formal units.


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