Online Oil Monitoring System Upgraded Comprehensively, Creating a New Era of Oil Monitoring

Michiko 2020/8/5

As we all know, the oil monitoring technology is through the lubricating oil physical and chemical performance indicators, wear metal and pollution impurity particle tracking and monitoring, timely understanding of equipment lubrication and wear status information, diagnosis equipment wear failure type, location and cause, to provide scientific basis for equipment maintenance, to guide the enterprise to the state of equipment maintenance and lubrication management, so about prevent equipment major accidents occurrence, reduce equipment maintenance costs.

Before, In oil condition monitoring sensors,we may encounter the following problems.

  1. Low range, difficult to meet industrial needs.
  2. The detection parameters are too single and the measurement precision is low.
  3. Non-standardized, customization is expensive, preventing the development of batch online oil monitoring technology.
  4. Large size and inconvenient installation.
  5. Complex maintenance.
  6.  low reliability, difficult to meet the needs of complex conditions.
  7.  Poor compatibility, stability is not strong, poor software interchange ability

In response to this situation, Yateks has designed a multi-functional online monitoring system that meets the diverse needs of most of its customers.

All-in-one design, easy to operate, internal real-time data collection. After data analysis and processing, data is send to  wired or wireless means to the monitoring terminal and the cloud, customers can use mobile phones or computers to check  the data remote.


  1. Adopt high standard sensors that are accurate, faster and safer.
  2. Modular combination to meet different customer’s  requirements.
  3. Standardization can greatly reduce costs and promote industry progress.
  4. Standardization can reduce the technical threshold and technical barriers brought about by secondary development.
  5. Stereotypes are conducive to mass production and efficient operation of the enterprise’s human resources.
  6. Stable data processing and analysis system, can better form productivity.

Oil Condition Sensor for Real Time Engine Oil Condition Monitoring

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