Dual Slide Ferrograph YTF-8

Ella 2020/8/5

Development of yateks ferrography products

Development of yateks ferrography products

Yateks latest YTF-8 Dual Analytical Ferrograph is the 4th generation high-precision micro pump product.



1) It enables users to make two ferrographs at the same time, which increases the speed of making ferrograph.

Dual Slide Ferrograph

2) The industrial grade LCD screen with 240*128 resolution ratio makes the instrument more adaptable.

Yateks Optical Electronic Technology


3) Sealing design: the reagent bottle part and test tube part adopt three-stage sealing to ensure the stability of oil sample transportation.

Dual Slide Ferrograph sealing design


4) Magnetic field part design: rotatable fixed arm of the oil pipeline, humanized adjustment of the distance between the oil pipeline and the spectrum; three levels of angle pads, the inclination of the spectrum can be adjusted; two special designs to ensure stable spectrum production.

Dual Slide Ferrograph Magnetic Field Part Design

5) Cleaning process design: The stable design of the oil return pipe and the waste liquid recovery groove ensure the stable recovery of waste liquid, reduce the workload of testers, and protect the health of testers.

Ferrograph cleaning process desigh

   Ferrograph cleaning process desigh

Diagram of YTF-8 Ferrograph

Diagram of YTF-8 Ferrograph



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