Jean Tirole encouraged Yateks to enter international market 2015

Release Date: 2015-10-27

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During the Sixth Nobel Laureate’s China tour held last week in Shenzhen, Professor Jean Tirole, the winner of the 2014 Nobel Economics Prize talked with Yateks general manager George Zheng.
Tirole is interested in Yateks research focus on diagnosis technologies.
He gave a high evaluation that yateks owns more than 20 patterns of the invention. He said that some of Yateks products, such as ferrous debris monitor, endoscope have reached a high-quality level. He encouraged Yateks to further improve quality and then enter the international market.

Yateks is an international high-tech enterprise, integrating the R&D and manufacturing dealing with industrial nondestructive test equipment, such as condition monitoring and failure diagnosis including an industrial endoscope, oil analysis, vibration tester, and infrared products. We gathered a group of highly qualified professional personnel and experienced staffs. The products of Yateks have contributed greatly to the safe operation, energy saving and consumption reduction for various industries. Yateks is committed to establishing the first brand in the NDT field all over the world.



Dual Slide Oil Analysis Ferrograph

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