New Alert: IR Endoscope launched early April

Release Date: 2016-04-12

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Infrared endoscope

Yateks announced a new IR Endoscope launched at China (Xi’an) International Public Security Product and police anti-terrorism Technology and Equipment Fair (Called Xi’an CPSE) which last during April.8 ~12.
This new IR borescope is economical and practical. It is with a slight body of 1kg in total with 450,000 pixels, zoom in/out, recording, excellent adjustment functions. Beyond the standard functions, It’s built with IR sensor which means it can be used in complete darkness. It would be a good helper for Police.
Besides outstanding endoscopes, Yateks also produces splendid oil products like oil analyzer, Ferrous Debris Monitor and excellent vibration products as vibration tester, Electronic Stethoscope, Bearing condition tester, tachometer etc.


M-IR series is a customised endoscope type for such special industries. Based on the mechanical control of 360-degree rotation, it can reduce the noise to the lowest level. With 6mm infrared night vision lens, it can achieve 10-meter/20-meter striking observing distance under a dark environment, to lower the risk of observers.


Attention: two free types—E&P, E means economical, which can achieve 10-meter effective observing distance with lower cost; P means Power, it can achieve 20-meter effective observing distance with higher cost.

Technical Advantages:

  • It can achieve 10-meter/20-meter effective observation distance under a dark environment and the lens with invisible light.


  • Mechanical rotation for 360º and bend for 160º—convenient, accurate, and automatic reset.
  • Interchangeable tubes, one host can match different diameters & lengths & lens of the insertion tube to meet customers’ various needs and greatly save costs.
  • Anti-friction and anti-erosion, the insertion tube is woven with 4-layer of tungsten alloy
  • The IP67 standard of the probe—corrosion proof, waterproof and dust-proof. A reliable examination can be carried out even under all kinds of bad conditions.
  • Apply LED packing technology. Probe illuminance can reach 20,000 lux, 200 times than indoor fluorescent. The dynamically optimized amount of light can be applied to different working conditions.
  • The 6-level high and low brightness adjustment can detect different materials under different environments.
  • 5-times digital zoom in/out, ensure a clear image.
  • Easy to operate, core functions including taking photos, storage, and recording video images.
  • USB, big capacity SD card, and TV-out interface, data can be shared and analyzed.
  • Large capacity charging the battery can ensure continuous work for over 3 hours,
  • Hand-held ergonomics design, portable with the whole weight of 0.6KG

Technical Advantages of T series Thermal endoscope 

  • Special DDE Image enhancement algorithm, matched to the 5-inch color LCD screen, ensuring clear thermal image.
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Colour images can be switched to iron oxide red, iridescence, grey, hot, and cold modes.
  • Integrated taking photos, videos, recording, and storage functions.
  • the images can be zoom in/out, freeze and flip more convenient target positioning


Application field

Industrial non-destructive inspection, visual inspection, police or anti-terrorist, power distribution cabinet, switch box, valve inspection, flange exposure inspection, pipe inspection, condensation, compressor, bearing inspection, etc.

Working PCBA inspection Working fuse inspection


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