Incentives By Yateks for Distributors 2016

Release Date: 2016-01-19

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For the past 2015, Yateks achieved great success in the overseas sale and already has distributors in Russia, America, Canada, Germany, and Korea.

As volume production of N series endoscope is to start in early March after the impressive pilot run, Yateks is ambitious to have more distributors all around the world in 2016.

In order to help distributors to enter the market, Yateks provides incentives as follow.

1. $2000 as market promotion expenses for the first year to sell Yateks Brands as an exclusive distributor.

2. A reward of P series endoscope for distributors who exceeds the target volume.

3. Support for the exhibition which is the name of Yateks.

4. $5000 as a bonus for the best distributor in 2016.

agent-of-yateks-borescope yateks-partner-germany-1

Yateks is the manufacturer of the industrial endoscope, stethoscope, tachometer and oil-monitoring products, such as particle counting equipment, ferrous debris monitor etc. We are looking for distributors and hope you can join us.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our company ( ) and products. We love to talk with you and help you with any queries.


P-series HD Industrial Videoscope


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