What is an IR infrared borescope and thermal imaging borescope

What is an IR infrared borescope?

The infrared endoscope is an endoscope device that has an infrared night vision function and can enter a narrow space to freely adjust the angle.

In the process of criminal investigation and security work, it is necessary to emit invisible light and to observe objects in a narrow space as clearly as possible.

The M-IR Night Vision Camera is a custom articulating borescope type for this specific industry. Mechanical control based on 360-degree rotation minimizes noise. With a 6mm IR night vision lens, an effective viewing distance of 20m is achieved in a completely dark environment, reducing the risk for the viewer.

night vision camera

The M-RF series night vision articulating borescope are currently widely used in special industries such as public security departments, aviation, navigation, cultural relics archaeology or night driving.


Infrared night vision is one of night vision technology. It is an optoelectronic technology that enables nighttime observation by means of an optoelectronic imaging device. Mainly passive infrared night vision technology and active infrared night vision technology. Passive infrared night vision technology is an IR technology that realizes observation by means of infrared radiation emitted by the target itself. It finds the target according to the temperature difference or heat radiation difference between the target and the background or parts of the target.

It is equipped with an infrared camera. The thermal imaging borescope has different advantages from other night vision devices, such as working in fog, rain, and snow, with a long range of action, and can recognize camouflage and anti-interference, etc., which has become the focus of development of foreign night vision equipment, and The low-light night vision device will be replaced at a certain degree. But its shortcomings are also very obvious, not only the price is relatively expensive but the imaging is not clear enough.

The active infrared night vision technology is a night vision technology that performs observation by actively illuminating and utilizing the infrared light of the target reflection infrared source. The active infrared night vision device operates in the near-infrared region of 0.76~1.2um, and the infrared light is 850 or 940nm. The eyes are not visible. The corresponding equipment is the active infrared night vision device, Yateks M-IR endoscope belongs to this kind.

The active infrared night vision system was first used in World War II. It has a good background contrast, clear imaging and is not affected by external lighting. It can work in all blacks and has been used extensively in military, public security and other departments. The active night vision system of infrared night vision device has the advantages of good imaging quality, a high image signal to noise ratio, simple structure, no need for a night light, etc. At the same time, it also has the disadvantages of limited imaging distance and being susceptible to other light sources.

What is an IR infrared borescope and thermal imaging borescope

The following is a detailed explanation of the functional applications of active infrared night vision and infrared thermal imaging.

Class 1, active infrared night vision. (This product is widely used in civilian products)

Principle: The instrument emits an infrared beam to illuminate the target, and converts the infrared image reflected by the target into a visible light image for night observation. The military is mainly used for nighttime aiming, driving vehicles, reconnaissance photography, and the like. Features: It is not limited by illumination. It can be observed under all black conditions, and the effect is very good and the price is cheap. The current product design includes a low light level night vision function. Features: Yatai IR infrared endoscope emits invisible light, which can better hide. It is the most important department for special work, such as military, criminal investigation, poison collection, private collection, night surveillance, security application, etc. suitable. And the equipment that is indispensable for the work of the industry at night.


Class 2, infrared thermal imaging borescope (this night vision is for the military field, expensive, non-civil goods)

Principle: Infrared thermal imager is based on the basic principle of radiating infrared light above all absolute temperature zero (-273 °C), using the difference between the target and the background itself to find and identify the target.

Features: Due to the different infrared radiation intensity of various objects, people, animals, vehicles, airplanes, etc. are clearly observed, and are not affected by obstacles such as smoke, fog, and trees, and can work day and night. It is the most advanced night vision observation equipment currently available to humans. However, because the price is particularly expensive, it can only be applied to the military at present, but because of the wide range of applications of thermal imaging, there are huge markets in power, underground pipelines, firefighting, disaster relief, industrial inspection, etc., along with the social economy. The development, the advancement of science and technology, and the high-tech of infrared thermal imaging will surely be applied to the private market in a 20- to 30-year period to contribute to humanity.

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How much is a thermal imager borescope?

Yateks thermal-imaging borescope cost $1,000-$4000.

Application field

Industrial nondestructive inspection, visual inspection, police or anti-terrorist, power distribution cabinet, switch box, valve inspection, flange exposure inspection, pipe inspection, condensation, compressor, bearing inspection etc.


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