Automotive Endoscope Applications In Vehicles and Finished Products

Release Date: 2016-02-15

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Automotive endoscopes as an engine borescope, are mainly used to inspect automobile manufacturing and maintenance, inspect small components, precision machining, petrochemical, military manufacturing, small apertures in small equipment, internal conditions of small gaps, wear of mechanical gear parts, looseness, and quality inspection of grease pump.

Along with the people’s living continues to improve, the material life also began to increase, the use and sales of vehicles are gradually increasing, to meet people’s needs, the production of spare and accessory parts was developed in high speed as well. To improve the quality, many vehicle spare parts manufacturers will not only pay attention to the selection of machinery and equipment but also to the work efficiency of the staff, a Strict quality inspection needs to be taken after the completion of spare parts to ensure the quality of the car. During the quality QC process of the automotive part, a visual inspection will not be enough on internal inspection, here automotive borescope would help a lot.

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Currently, the application of automotive inspection camera is very wide, not only can be used to check the quality of work in the auto parts product but also can be applied to other metal products. For example, a normal QC method not available to find out quality faulty after production finished, but these quality faulty could lead to a lot of failures, even safety problems. The automotive videoscope can be used to check whether there are cracks in the weld surface, you can also check whether these spare parts have metal penetration through the endoscope, it can ensure you high-quality spare parts produced and passed QC.

automobile-engine-aluminum-cylinder-head borescope-use-in-automobile-engine-aluminum-cylinder-head

The endoscope also can be used to check the entrails of the finished product. Some finished product seems to be perfect in appearance but with cracks or scratches inside because of lack of technical process, or error operation betray work standards. The industrial endoscope can check deep inside of the finished product to provide full information to workers through photographs or videos or other ways, by these inspections, the finished product can effectively prevent cockles skin and corrosion etc., product quality guaranteed fully by the industrial endoscope.

In many operational bases, the engine and turbine pumps will be installed, these devices affect the capacity and working efficiency directly, we need to inspect these devices carefully, the industrial endoscope can inspect the engines and turbine pumps according to technical requirements to ensure that the equipment working in good condition.

Automotive endoscope application range is very wide, for example, it also could be used to check the residue inside the product and knew the status of residue accumulation, clean up in time to avoid active defect, the industrial endoscope is greatly save operating costs and improve work efficiency for you.

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