Types of Industrial Endoscopes: Ridgid and Flexible camera probe

Release Date: 2016-02-24

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Industrial endoscopes were divided into two types per material;  Ridgid camera probe and flexible camera probe. Rigid endoscope contains image transmitting, air hole, and lighting. Image transmitting structure was also composed of lots of systems and devices. It is with widely used, and is one of the essential tools during industrial production.

B-sereis-automotive-borescope-with-flexible camera probeB-sereis-viedeo-borescope-3

Flexible endoscope wire is very soft. For the sake of this special feature, it is more convenient during the operation. It could be inserted into some areas which rigid endoscope cannot go in. What’s more, the top of the flexible endoscope has curve structure. In this case, the comprehensive inspection was satisfied with more accuracy.

In practical application, fiber optic endoscope occupies a position. It is with the same theory of optical’s, but higher resolution. It can inspect many tiny areas and better visual effect.

According to an above brief introduction, different industrial endoscopes are with different technology and composition. When choosing it, should take consideration with working condition.


B-series Portable Automotive Borescope

Yateks M-series Articulating Borescope

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