How to use the oil analyzer in the lubricating oil testing process?

Lubricating oil is the blood of industry. Lubricating oil protects the key components of industrial equipment and improves its operating status. Through regular testing and monitoring of lubricating oil, companies can monitor the oil condition and ensure that machines and other key equipment reach the best service life. .

Early oil monitoring was only an analysis of oil pollution. The development of industrial production made machines more and more large, complex, and continuous, and the maintenance requirements for mechanical equipment became higher and higher. People paid more and more attention to oil analysis. The wear particles and pollutant particles of the lubricating oil in use, after a period of time of oil sample analysis results tracking, the company can determine the maintenance status trend of the equipment, avoiding expensive repair costs and unplanned downtime. Through regular oil analysis and good maintenance procedures, machine downtime can be significantly reduced, thereby reducing the potential risks of equipment maintenance and providing a safer operating environment for workers.

How does Yateks online oil monitorng system work?

Using an oil analyzer to analyze oil products, mainly analyze the following data indicators:

1. Analyze the pollution degree of lubricating oil. If the pollution degree of lubricating oil is high, it means that the oil is about to be scrapped

2. Analyze the moisture content in the oil, if the moisture in the oil exceeds the standard, it means that the lubricating oil is about to be scrapped

3. Analyze the information of the metal abrasive particles in the oil. Compare the metal abrasive particles in the oil with the scrap label. If it exceeds the index, it means that the oil is waste oil.

The more common oil detectors include iron meter, ferrospectrometer, particle counter, fast oil quality analyzer, etc. The oil particle counter came into being in the mid-1960s, due to the particle counting method in oil detection; 70 In the early years, because ferrograph technology can comprehensively analyze the size, shape and distribution of abrasive particles, it was quickly applied in the monitoring and diagnosis of mechanical equipment. Choosing appropriate oil analysis items is extremely important for optimizing the reliability of industrial equipment. important.

As a well-known oil monitoring product research and development and production supplier, Yateks has 18 years of industry experience. Among them, the double-split ferrograph,  fast oil analyzer,  iron meter iron meter and other products are the first choice in the field of oil analysis Based on the analysis of lubricating oil samples, Yateks engineers proposed a flushing plan to clean the lubricating oil system. In addition, the engineer also suggested to reset the oil separator program when detecting the poor condition of the lubricating oil and filter, saving a lot of expenses in terms of reducing filter consumption, saving labor costs and lubricating oil analysis costs.

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