How to Define of Borescope focal length

How to Define DOF of Industrial Videoscope

Release Date: 2017-03-13

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The depth of field (DOF), also called focus range or effective focus range, as the main factor to judge an industrial borescope is good or bad, has become more and more important.

Yateks, to keep pace with top endoscope camera brand, adopted USAF 1951 standard to define DOF. By observing two lines between 0.125mm at the nearest distance with the focused image as a start and the farthest distance with a point became defocused as an end to get the best depth of field.


Now, Yateks endoscope focal distance has near focus lens as 5-25mm, borescope middle focus length as 7-80mm, far focus, long focus endoscope as 50-infinity to serve our customers.

Adjustable focus endoscope: Interchangeable lens technology. Users can directly interchange the lens of near/far focus, front/side view to meet different demands.

the lens of near/far focus


P-series High Resolution Endoscope Camera

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