How to Achieve Different Angles While Using Industrial Videoscope

Release Date: 2017-03-22

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In photography, the angle of view refers to the angular extent of a given scene that is imaged by a camera. It depends on two main factors: lens and image sensor. The lens focal length and image sensor size set up the fixed relationship between the angle of view and the working distance.

How to Achieve Different Angles While Using Industrial Videoscope

Generally speaking, there is an inverse relationship between the focus and angle of view. The nearer the focus is, the wide angle borescope we can get. Thus we can achieve different angles by choosing different cameras with a different focus and proper angle of views.



Yateks borescope camera has paid much attention to the two affecting factors for the camera on video endoscopes, so we adopt quality lens of different focus and CMOS sensors to ensure the suitable angle of view in order to get the most accurate image information. As for the angle of view, now we have 110º, 100º, 90º and 60º for P series and N series industrial video borescope as well as 70º for m series borescope, which is optional according to our clients’ specific need.


Yateks M-series Articulating Borescope

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