B Series Automotive Borescope get good feedback in gearbox production plants

Date: 2019/5/31

Project Overview:

After a gearbox manufacturer in China cooperated with our oil monitoring equipment to make factory oil testing work for its own gearbox, we felt that the optimization of work methods and the improvement of work efficiency have given high recognition to our products. However, there are still many inspections in the unit that do not have suitable equipment to assist them. For example, after the gearbox is shipped from the factory, the inspection workshop has been inconvenient with respect to the detection of the gearbox housing, the in-shaft split hole and the inner pipe of the casting, and the inspection process is an important and necessary part after production.

Customer encountered problems:

The testing tool used by its inspectors in the early stage is a hard rod endoscope, as shown below:

B Series get good feedback in gearbox production plants

The characteristics of this kind of endoscope are that the brightness is high, and it is easy to be reflected by the internal reflection light when the metal casting is inspected, which causes the observer’s eye discomfort. In addition, the detection process is directly observed by the naked eye to the lens, and the inspector’s eyes will feel tired after long detection. In addition, the endoscope arm of this type is hard. Some inspection processes of the factory are to check the presence or absence of burrs inside the parts, and it is very easy to cause scratches during the inspection process. In summary, the hard rod endoscope is not ideal.

The solution of Yateks:

After consulting the inspectors in detail about the need to use the endoscope, we recommended our new B series automotive borescope and matched the appropriate pipelines according to the routine inspection requirements on site.

B Series get good feedback in gearbox production plants

The features of B series car videoscope:

  • The pipeline is connected with a high-definition test lens and a 4.3-inch IPS full-view screen to alleviate the tester’s binocular test fatigue.
  •  Replaceable insertion tube, combined with different brightness, precision camera.
  • The wear-resistant material is wrapped in a stainless steel pipe, which does not hurt the measured object and is not easy to be worn.
  • Strong light suppression, low light compensation function, to avoid metal parts reflective, not afraid of dark test conditions.
  • The ambient temperature detection function has the ability to cope with and test the high-temperature test conditions. The inspection image can be retained and transmitted for the inspection personnel to record.
  • The inspection personnel of the factory sent the inspection process diagram after supporting the equipment of our company:

B Series get good feedback in gearbox production plants

This endoscope has been well received by the inspectors and testing workshop leaders of the factory. They tell, “Thanks to your supporting testing equipment, it has helped us to test. We chose to cooperate with you, a manufacturer with R&D strength to consider the actual needs of customers as a supplier. You are a good partner!”

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