Why to Use Non-contact IR forehead Thermometer?

Author: Jenna

Date: 2020/03/31

Over the past months, the outbreak of COVID-2019 has affected a lot the normal life of people around the world. With the active measures of our government, the darkest moment has gone and many companies have resumed work and production with the great help of non-contact IR forehead thermometer.

Why to Use Non-contact IR forehead Thermometer1

Forehead Thermometer is also called IR thermometer. It doesn’t have any harm to human body while testing body temperature, because it tests in the way of absorbing IR ray energy emitted by human body. Knowledge: Any object higher than absolute zero(-273℃) will emit IR ray.

Why to Use Non-contact IR forehead Thermometer2

Why is Forehead Thermometer important in preventing spreading of Coronavirus? Compared with traditional thermometer, forehead thermometer can avoid cross infection and do fast temperature measurement, which is very safe and effective to screening the fever where there is large flow of people.

Why to Use Non-contact IR forehead Thermometer3

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