How to use Infrared thermometer properly

Author: Ella

Date: 2020/04/02

How to use Infrared thermometer properly

1.The distance between the forehead and the forehead is generally 3-5cm

2. In order to measure the human body temperature more accurately, after the battery is installed, it should be measured after 3-5 minutes.

3. After relocation, it should be left for 15-20 minutes before use.

4. Please use the IR thermometer in the environment with low wind speed (do not measure at the position of the air outlet, such as facing the fan)

5. Measuring behind the earlobe is adoptable when the forehead temperature cannot be normally reflected because of sweating or other reasons.

6. The protective glass outside of the LCD is fragile and with great importance, please use with care.

7. The accuracy of the measurement data might be affected by the objects on the forehead like hair, sweat, hat or scarf.

8. Cosmetics and skin color, because the infrared radiation rate is different, it will affect the display accuracy

9. Avoid extended sun exposure, keep away from stove and no access to water.

10. Protect the product from collision or dropping, do not use it if damaged.

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How to use Infrared thermometer properly

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