Why do you need to install online monitoring system on your vehicle?

  1. High cost of oil change

With on-site oil analysis, maintenance personnel can determine if oil drain intervals can be extended. Fewer vehicle oil changes per year can save fleets a considerable amount of money, especially on larger vehicles used in mining and construction operations.

  1. Maintenance is expensive

Oil analysis can help users spot potential problems before catastrophic failure and costly repairs occur. On-site analysis while the vehicle is still in the depot allows for immediate repairs before the vehicle hits the road. Large mining equipment and construction equipment can be very expensive to repair, so fixing small problems before they cause major failures can result in huge savings.

  1. Vehicle outage affects service and revenue

For municipal fleets, when the vehicle fails, it means that public services will not be available, such as city buses, or public works fleets. For trucking or mining companies, vehicle breakdowns mean less revenue. Oil analysis can help fleet managers ensure vehicles are running properly.

  1. Difficulty in maintenance and management

Busy vehicle maintenance garages, especially large fleet maintenance garages, need to reasonably optimize the flow of vehicles so that they can be put into storage in time for maintenance and return to the road. By installing Yateks Vehicle Online Monitoring System, you can know whether the vehicle needs to be changed oil, or whether it can continue to work. Incorporating oil testing into routine diagnostic checks can allow fleet maintenance service providers to work more efficiently.


What indicators can Yateks vehicle online monitoring system measure?

  1. Viscosity

@actual temperture; @40℃ 1-500 cSt ;  Accuracy: 5% or 1cSt

  1. Density

600-1250 kg/m³ Accuracy: 2% or 3kg/m³

  1. Dielectric constant (Oil quality)

1-6 level Accuracy: 5%


0~100 °C Accuracy: 0.5℃


Five channels for Fe particles: >40μm ; 40~99μm; 100 ~ 199μm;  200 ~ 299μm; 300 ~ 399μm;  ≥ 400μm.

Five channels for Non-Fe particles: >150μm ; 150~ 199μm; 200 ~ 299μm; 300 ~ 399μm; 400 ~ 499μm;  ≥ 500μm .

What are the benefits of Yateks vehicle online monitoring system?

  1. Compact and small size
  2. Anti-vibration design
  3. Wire and wireless Data transmit
  4. Alert and warning setting
  5. EMC certificate
  6. Easy installation





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