Application of Monitoring Technology for Marine Hydraulic Lubricating Oil System

Due to the large demand for hydraulic lubrication systems on ships, the use of lubricating oil is used to accelerate the efficiency of the entire ship. If the oil is not purified or replaced in time, the wear and tear on the equipment will be very large, and even more dangerous accidents will occur. However, if the lubricating oil is replaced at once, it will not only waste resources but also be detrimental to the running-in of the ship. At this time, it is very important to lubricate it, so the oil filter car has been well used during this period.

  1. Lubricating oil will be polluted and oxidized by fresh water, sea water, combustion products, fuel oil, various impurities and wear debris during use, which will change its performance. It must be regularly sampled and tested. Within the scope of the permitted technical indicators, from the problems existing in the lubricating oil, some problems existing in the engine and equipment are found and solved.
  2. The application of marine lubricating oil monitoring technology can provide shipowners with normal and abnormal wear and changing trends involving cylinder liner, piston ring, connecting rod bearing, tail shaft, etc., and provide qualitative and quantitative suggestions on the degree of lubricating oil pollution and performance deterioration. , which is beneficial to the guarantee of the good technical state of the turbine-related equipment and to prevent sudden failures. The application of marine lubricating oil monitoring technology can reasonably determine the replacement time, quantity and quality of the lubricating oil; change the regular oil change to the oil change according to the situation, and reduce the consumption and save the cost by prolonging the use time.
  3. The application of marine lubricating oil monitoring technology can promote the in-depth research of turbine condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and failure analysis, better serve the actual production, and promote the improvement of turbine management level. Reduce ship maintenance costs.
  4. The application of ship lubricating oil monitoring technology can more effectively implement the relevant conventions and regulations of the National Maritime Organization, and become one of the effective measures for ship operation safety management, reducing and preventing malfunctions caused by improper operation and reducing maintenance costs.

How does Yateks online oil monitorng system work?

The occurrence of mechanical equipment failures are caused by factors such as wear, fracture and corrosion, among which wear failure accounts for the largest proportion, as high as 70-80%, and almost 80% of diesel engine failures are related to lubrication. It is important to monitor the lubrication and wear conditions of equipment and predict the development of the wear process.

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