Chinese Ambassador to Palestine/Bahrain Visits Yateks

Date: 2016-01-11
In the morning of 9th Jan 2016, Mr. Weiguo Yang, Former Consul-General for PRC in Dubai, Former Chinese Ambassador to Palestine/Bahrain, Ms. Feng Gao, Executive Director of China-Arab International Exchange Center visited Yateks. Mr. Xiang Zheng, CEO of Yateks and Foreign Trade Department treated them and introduced Yateks and products accordingly.


During the visit, Mr. Zheng talked about the achievement of Yateks in the field of device condition monitoring, especially the newly key product High Definition Endoscope. This videoscope was highly appreciated by customers and exported to Germany, USA, Canada, Korea and Japan etc. After reviewing the endoscope, Mr. Yang gave a positive comment and invited Yateks to bring this kind of product in Arab area.

After the meeting, Mr. Yang present a book Witness Palestine, which was written by himself to wish the prosperous development of Yateks.


Yateks is a professional device condition monitoring manufacturer located in Shenzhen China. And the top product is high resolution endoscope camera with resolution 1024*768.


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