What is an industrial borescope used for?

What does an industrial borescope test for?

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Endoscope detection is a visual detecting method for quality control of areas that human eyes can not observe directly, special areas such as vessels, pipe inner part of the non-detachable equipment, the inner surface of narrow gap, liquid surface etc. Yateks inspection camera or industrial endoscope is designed for the non-destructive inspection (NDI) of engines, machines and more. So, somebody must ask what does an industrial borescope test for or what is an industrial borescope used for or what is a borescope used for?

Electric power industry: industrial endoscope can be used for examining scars and stress decay cracks on big column wheel core of turbine and generator.

the detection of the core components of the transformer
Aviation Chemical: industrial endoscope can be used for examining damages of turbine blades and retaining ring.

Special survey industry: industrial endoscope survey can be used for examining weld situation inside joint of process pipes, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers. Stress corrosion cracking and the lining of chemical corrosion etc.Do you know  what is a borescope used for?

Ship and boats: industrial endoscope can be used for examining boiler, turbine, diesel engine pipe.
Industrial endoscope helps the engineer to examine problems of devices on inner corrosion, rust, crack, scrap iron, butt weld and etc.


People also ask

How much does a borescope cost?

“How much does an industrial borescope cost?” There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to borescopes. It’s between $10 and $100,000. Because there are many different tools that fall under the category of “borescopes.” They range from rigid borescopes, semi-rigid and flexible. ideal for applications that require only straight-line access to an inspection target, such as a gun barrel or borehole; all the way to high-end articulating borescopes with numerous features, used in airplane turbine inspections, power plants, railway, ship, and countless other industries field.


What is a borescope camera or what is a borescope used for,and how does a borescope work?

A borescope (occasionally called an endoscope, videoscopeinspection camera) is a type of precision instrument composed of a display monitor and a flexible insertion tube with an optical lens and micro-camera sensor. Its function is to have a remote visual inspection of those narrow areas that are inaccessible to human eyes.

M-series borescope


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