The 2018 Yateks New Product Launch Training Conference ended successfully

Yateks 2018 New Product Launch Conference was held on October 21, 2018, in yateks Multifunctional Hall.

The company’s endoscope business unit and oil business division. The staff of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Quality departments, and other departments gathered together to actively participate in this new product training exchange meeting.

The press conference kicked off at 9:30 am, and General Manager Zheng of yateks first gave an opening speech.


“Everyone here today is full of energy. The new products released today include both industrial borescope and oil analysis products. The new products showcase the latest cooperation achievements of the company’s R&D, production, quality, and other departments. It is also a concrete manifestation of teamwork and coordinated operations. This conference is also an exchange meeting for understanding, learning, and promotion, which reflects the Yatai people’s the unremitting pursuit of product quality, our products use the world’s top industrial-grade chips, the world’s best camera CMOS sensors, our products and services have won the praise of the market and customers, and finally I wish this conference a complete success”, then the scene was warmly applauded!


Yateks Industrial Videoscope R&D personnel introduced the new products of the B series automotive borescope to the participants.

This training exchange aims to strengthen the entry of new products into the market, enhance the understanding and application of Yateks people’s products, and lay a solid foundation for better service customers. The new products of this conference include C14 automotive endoscope, C15 videoscope, 2.8 direct views, 3.9 side view endoscope, portable particle counter, and online oil monitoring system.


During the training period, the R&D department completed a detailed description of the upcoming B(C14 ) and C15 endoscopes. The training content will be explained in terms of product characteristics, key technologies, performance indicators, manufacturing processes, etc.


In addition, the analysis compares similar products. The way, the participating trainers can more intuitively understand the characteristics of the product and the competitive advantage of the market. Manager Wu of Yateks Photoelectric Endoscope Division made wonderful sharing, and different dimensions for industrial endoscope selection factors, product operation, comparison of advantages and disadvantages, and application cases. Colleagues conducted a comprehensive analysis.

In order to consolidate the mastery of new product knowledge, the session also set up a “winning and answering” session. The participants actively participated and the atmosphere was warm.

Through the fun activities, the product promotion form was more diverse and diverse, many colleagues said. The training will give them a “cardiotonic agent”, they not only have a more comprehensive understanding of the company’s products but also get beautiful gifts!

In the afternoon, the manager of the Oil Business Department first shared the portable particle counter for everyone and answered many questions on the spot.


The manager of the oil monitoring business department in the second half of the conference introduced the new products related to oil analysis to the participants.


Manager Yuan of the Oil Business Department explained the YJS-150 oil analysis portable particle counter.


Next, Zou, head of the oil business department, gave a wonderful and detailed explanation of the new product online oil monitoring system.

The whole training process includes professional technical fields such as product principle introduction, operation process demonstration, and successful case display, as well as marketing knowledge such as product advantage analysis, application field explanation, and market capacity analysis.


The head of the oil business department explained the new oil products and case sharing

The launch of new products represents Yateks Optoelectronics’ new rush to the market, and it is determined to win thousands of miles! Training is one of the most important parts of the entire new product launch process. This training has enabled all members of the department to fully familiarize themselves with the new product features, selling points, etc., and laid a solid foundation for the new products to be better introduced to the market!

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