Yateks Thermopile Sensor Solutions

Dear Partners:

Yateks produces high precision, reliability, stability and consistency of thermopile sensor which is calibrated by blackbody. Adopt MEMS thermopile chip, TO-46 metal package, NTC resistance of 100 ± 1%, average transmittance of filter of 85% (5.5-14 μ m), sealing performance of 10-9pa.m3/s, can ensure accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. As a senior manufacturer, Yateks can provide the following ways of cooperation according to your needs.


1.If you have relevant qualification, thermometer accessories supplier, independent production line and senior engineer, Yateks can provide you with thermopile sensors. To start with, we can provide 2-3 free samples for your evaluation, together with RT and VT datasheet for your engineers.



2.If you have relevant qualification, independent production line,Yateks provides a complete set of materials: housing, calibrated sensor+PCBA(SW), monitor, other accessories. After you receive them, you can sell directly after the local assembly and labeling. We can provide samples for you to test and offer complete process documents upon your confirmation.



3.If you have relevant qualification, independent production line, reliable molding supplier, Yateks can provide calibrated sensor+PCBA(SW).


If you need to apply for relevant production qualification locally, Yateks can also support and cooperate with you.

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