Yateks Safety Face Shield YAM101-J Helps You to Prevent COVID-19 Spreading

Author: Summer

Faced with COVID-19, an abrupt global public health crisis, all countries are taking containment measures to prevent it from further spreading. To meet the increasing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), yateks has designed and produced disposable face shields with enough inventory. The face shields also offer additional protection with flaps that fold under the neck and over the forehead.

YAM101-J  face shield Information:

face visor

The advantage of YAM101-J face shield:

  • 180° wideview, adopts highly transparent PET material, clear view, safter face protection. Adpots highly transparent PET material, clear view, safer face protection.
  • Double-faced high definition Anti-fogging. Adopts anti-fogging material,double-faced anti-fogging, can effectively prevent the lurred vision casued by temperature difference or vapor.
  • Skin-friendly sponge, allergy free, comfortable wearing. Olnly 30g weight, very light, no pressure for long-time wearing.


Multi-applications of yateks face shield:

Laboratory , chemical factory, and outdoor, etc.


The virus knows no borders. The pandemic, a challenge to all mankind, can only be defeated through concerted international efforts. With mutual understanding, mutual support and cooperation, we are ready to continue working to achieve the final victory.

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