The Application of Endoscope in Car Maintenance

Mabel    2020/8/4

From the global development trend of industrial endoscopes, we can understand that endoscopes are increasingly used in the automotive maintenance industry. Especially for the maintenance of vehicle power. The 4S shops of major brands of automobiles have begun to equip them with industrial endoscopes to do regular maintenance work for customers. Today, I will introduce to you a case of the Yateks M-ADV series dual-lens endoscope applied to a certain brand of engine inspection, which successfully helped customers to locate the problem of the car and prevent accidents.

Yateks M-ADV series dual-lens endoscope, adopts the latest HD image processing technology and high resolution 640*480 screen to ensure high definition image. HDMI signal output, more convenient for external large-screen display for multiple experts to observe and analyze real-time images.

dual lens endoscopeendoscope in car maintenance

With our M-ADV series, M610DM-WLL, 6mm dual-lens, we looked at the intake valve, the top of the piston, and the top of the cylinder. It is found that the intake valve has serious carbon deposits, which is still a stubborn carbon deposit.

6mm dual-lens
6mm dual-lens

There are carbon deposits on the top of the piston, and the top of the piston is not obvious.

car endoscope
car endoscope

There is carbon deposit on the top of the mouthpiece cylinder, which affects the atomization effect of the mouthpiece. The type of carbon deposit is stubborn.

The application of Endoscope in Car Maintenance

Conclusion: The carbon deposits in the above positions will cause the direct injection vehicle to drop in power, weaken acceleration, increase fuel consumption, difficult to cold start, engine jitter, loud noise, poor driving feeling, and even severe valve lift and cylinder pull.

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