Yateks newly published super fine 2.8mm endoscope

Why do endoscope require fineness?

Industrial video endoscope lenses work wonders in the inspection project, which can visually observe internal mechanical defects, solve problems in time, ensure continuous operation of machinery, and efficient production.

The smallest endoscope camera is necessary for Non-destructive testing (NDT). The holes in some parts of the aircraft and the automotive are extremely small. It can only be tested with this very smallest diameter.

Due to different application requirements, the specifications of the endoscope have also been progressing. Recently, Yateks newly launched 2.8mm endoscope. The advantage is that Yateks has been cooperating with some outstanding partners especially Karl Storz NDTec from Germany for a long time. We are constantly investigating new methods of quality improvement to meet the requirements of craftsmanship and quality. Our snake bone part is shorter than most products on the market which can adapt to a wider range of application needs.


Since its establishment in 2003, Yateks has been following the concept of “innovative of design and development, pursuit of first-class quality, exceeding customer demand, and Yateks never be satisfied”, has been leading in this field.

Author: Michiko Chen Date: 2019/5/15

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