International Trading Support Fund by Central Budget

International Trading Support Fund by Central Budget

Release Date: 2015-10-19

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The central budget will allocate fund to support Shenzhen International trading business. Yateks participated in the meeting held at Longgang Customs Building and got the inspiring info. This policy shows the decision of the government to encourage exporting in an economic downturn.

International agents map

1. Companies registered in Shenzhen and legal. The exporting amount is less than 65 million USD in 2014.
2. No unlawful acts in recent 3 years.
3. Has an accurate working plan and real exporting acts and sales.
4. Without unpaid public finance cash.
The fund covers below areas
1. Oversea exhibitions
2. Company management system certification
3. Oversea advertisement and logo registeration programmes
4. International exploratory projects
5. Oversea bids
6. Oversea training
7. Oversea patents application
8. Oversea acquiring and brand projects

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