How to do the daily maintenance of industrial endoscope

Author: Ella Van


With the development of industry, more and more industrial equipment needs to be regularly inspected. As one of the non-destructive testing, industrial endoscope has become an essential maintenance equipment. However, the equipment will be damaged or malfunction with improper maintenance, resulting in the equipment can not be used any more or the inspection results will be affected.Therefore, it is necessary to do the daily maintenance. In the daily maintenance of industrial endoscope, the following points should be paid attention to:



  1. Camera: The lens of the industrial endoscope is easy to be scratched if it is improperly operated, which affects the sharpness of the image. Usually, in addition to cleaning the lens in time with soft dust-free cloth, it is more important not to use a sharp substance to swipe on its surface.


2, Avoid to operate improperly: whatever in the process of use or take out from the carring case or hold the machine, make sure the camera should not directly touch the ground heavily. For all kinds of obstructions in inspection work, the endoscope cannot be pulled hard, so as to ensure that the industrial endoscope will not be damaged.


  1. Daily cleaning: After using the industrial endoscope, clean the lens and probe of industrial endoscope with clean and soft cloth, and then put it back into the carrying case.


  1. Remove the battery in time: After using the industrial endoscope, immediately remove the battery to avoid unnecessary power consumption. When the battery is exhausted, it should be charged in time to avoid affecting the next use.


5, Take regular inspections and maintenance: can find the product’s failure and other problems in time to  extend  service lift, and in the following work, to make sure the machine is used handy.


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