How often does a car engine need maintenance?

As the use of automobiles becomes more and more popular, more and more automobiles need to be maintained and repaired. Regarding car repair and maintenance, many people go directly to the 4S shop after driving to a certain mileage. For car owners, it is very necessary to understand some maintenance knowledge. Today, Yateks  Industrial Endoscope will explain to you the cleaning of car carbon deposits.

  1. What is a carbon deposit?

The fuel is not fully burned in the internal combustion engine, or the colloidal substances that cannot be completely burned in the gasoline, remain in the fuel injectors, oil pipelines, fireplugs, and other parts, and form carbon deposits under the action of high temperatures.

    2.the types of carbon deposits

1) Carbon deposits in valves and combustion chambers;

2) Carbon deposits in the intake pipe;

3) Others.

  1. What will aggravate carbon deposition?

1) Low-quality gasoline;

2) Traffic jams, bad driving habits;

3) Combustion engine oil. to clean up carbon deposits?

First of all, it is normal for the engine to produce carbon deposits, and all cars will have it. A certain degree of carbon deposits is allowed and unavoidable. The formation of carbon deposits does not occur in one day or two days, but excessive carbon deposits will cause the engine to malfunction. At work, the motivation is not strong enough, and the overall acceleration feels weak. One-third of the car is being repaired, and one-third is being maintained. Cars generally run around 40,000 kilometers to clean up carbon deposits.

Shenzhen Yateks industrial endoscope can effectively detect carbon deposits.  and it can also detect engine, piston, valve, and other auto parts. The added high-temperature pipeline can operate at high temperatures. For example, Yateks M series products have 6 invention patents, easy to carry, flexible operation, single, dual, and infrared night vision lenses to meet more user needs.

How does a borescope use for aeroengine maintenance

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